Unfold The Income + Impact You Dream About

Introducing A New Online Program!
For Creative, Women Solopreneurs

(Coaches/Consultants, Authors/Speakers
& Visionary Leaders)

4 Week Online Group Money Coaching Experience


Are you on track to achieve the financial goals you’ve dreamed about?  Unfortunately, too many women I talk with continue to experience frustration, discouragement and feelings of powerlessness to change their money story. 

That’s why I decided to create a very special opportunity to help you start 2021 with confidence, inspiration and a practical step-by-step strategy to finally start transforming your financial life.  The MONEYWINGS™ RETREAT Online Experience is a 4-week group money coaching series inspired by my Amazon #1 international bestselling book, MONEYWINGS™: Unfolding Your Financial Potential One Brave Feather At A Time.  

My students and clients understand this is not a “get rich-quick,” gimmicky, short-cut-to-riches charade, but an authentic, creative, spiritual and feminine approach to finally become genuinely empowered in your relationship to money.

Moneywings™ is the transformational journey of unfolding your financial dreams, one brave feather at a time. 

There is no greater time in history than now to start learning how to transform your money blocks into moneywings™ so you can stop under-earning and start creating the income and impact you dream about.


  • The mystery of how you’re “hard-wired” around money so you can understand your patterns and behaviors around money.
  • Your limiting money beliefs preventing you from unfolding your hidden financial potential.
  • Awareness and clarity on how these patterns and behaviors are impacting your financial life and relationship to work and to others.
  • How you are unconsciously modeling one or both of your parents in your relationship to money.
  • Your “Money Archetype” and how it’s actively (and passively) playing out in your financial life.  
  • How to re-write your money story so you can finally create the income and impact you dream about!


Session 1         Uncover your Money Autobiography

Experience less anxiety and more clarity + insight by uncovering
how your past experiences are influencing your present relationship
with money.

Session 2         Understand Your Mother/ Father Mirror

Turn fear and frustration into self-confidence and compassion by
exploring the qualities, characteristics and tendencies present in each of
your parents as you experienced their relationship to money. 

Session 3         Discover Your Money Type

Shift negative thinking into gratitude and empowered action by
learning the eight money archetypes and discovering your unique
money personality.

Session 4         Re-Write Your Money Story

Live more blessed and less stressed by learning a step-by-step process
on how to transform unconscious limiting money beliefs, habits and
patterns into an empowered relationship to money.


  • {4} 2 Hour Weekly LIVE Online Group Coaching  Sessions
    via ZOOM video technology. All sessions will be recorded and available to view anytime.
  • Kick-Off Mini Start-Up Kit
    to set the stage and foundation for your money retreat experience.
  • {4} Homework Exercises
    for reflection and application of retreat topics.


  • BONUS 60 Min. Private 1:1 Laser Money Coaching Session with Marlene
    available to each participant at the conclusion of the course (Value $150.00).
  • Email Support
    Ask questions, share challenges, celebrate wins and/ or happy dances throughout the course, and receive direct support and accountability for your money journey. 

JOIN ME for this brand new Money Retreat Experience and enjoy an intimate, inspirational journey with like-minded women just like you!

Don’t miss out on this very special opportunity to join me in a safe, intimate online group setting with like-minded creative, heart-centered women entrepreneurs ready to talk, learn and grow in their relationship to money!  I’m offering a wonderful opportunity to attend The Moneywings™ Retreat Experience where you’ll receive the benefits of private 1:1 money coaching, with the fun of a community cohort, and “group rate” savings, plus surprise exclusive BONUSES!


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