M O N E Y W I N G S™

Unfolding Your Financial Potential
One Brave Feather At A Time

by Marlene Elizabeth

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There’s never been a better time to pursue your financial dream to live the life you deserve!

In MONEYWINGS™,  you’ll discover how to unfold your financial freedom that aligns with your greatest power and leads to the wealth you’ve always dreamed of.  You’ll learn 8 powerful principles for success, a fresh perspective for seeing money differently and powerful strategies, tools and exercises for financial success.

Marlene Elizabeth, Certified Money Coach® believes every woman needs a safe harbor for her journey into financial freedom. MONEYWINGS™ will teach you how to get there.




Here’s what reviewers are saying about Marlene’s book…

“Marlene Elizabeth is a revolutionary thought leader on breaking the code for those of us who languish in our money fears. She has created thought-provoking and practical methods of re-shaping negative and limiting beliefs about money.  She teaches how, through this re-shaping of thinking, one can completely turn limiting beliefs on their head. Her inspirational methods allow us to transform limiting beliefs into healthy, positive, and motivational relationships with money. If you have ever struggled with trying to work through the myriad of standard money explanatory literature and are still not on your way to financial empowerment, then the inspiration that is embodied in Marlene’s MONEYWINGS™ is a must read!”

– John Hall, MBA, LCDR USN (Ret)
Best Selling Author, Financial Expert


“Very well written with lovely quotes, creative expression and heartfelt truths; MONEYWINGS™ is for those who are eager to continue their calling as entrepreneurs, as well as for those who might be ready to just “throw-in-the-towel” and say, “no more!” MONEYWINGS™ is a most heart-centered, supportive, encouraging and enjoyable book for new and long-time entrepreneurs; both successful and struggling, looking for positive motivation to continue to follow their dreams, “one brave feather at a time.” Author Marlene compels us to find the “heart and soul” behind WHAT we do to earn money, HOW we make that happen and most importantly, the WHY behind all that we do. Once you begin this book, you won’t want to put it down.”

– Kim Schroeder-Evans
Owner & Spanish Professor 


“Marlene Elizabeth’s book MONEYWINGS™is a god-send for entrepreneurs who struggle with money issues and getting their business off the ground. She is a single-mom with a unique perspective on how the inner workings of your brain and mind can hold you back and prevent you from achieving your dreams. As a global visibility influencer, I see that it is my entrepreneurial clients’ mindset, especially around making money and building wealth, that holds them back most from building a business that provides the impact and financial freedom they desire. This book gives you deep insights and practical steps. It takes you on a journey from discovering your money story to changing it so that your entrepreneurial dreams can take flight.”

Cynthia Stott
International Speaker Coach
and Global Visibility Influencer


“This book is an absolute must read…over and over again! It is like a beautiful reference manual with nuggets of wisdom embedded into simple practical strategies to follow. The warmth of Marlene’s heart permeates throughout the pages with support and encouragement. She believes in YOU! Read this book and you are sure to find your MONEYWINGS™ !

Trisha Garrett, Life Coach, Int’l Speaker &
Int’l Best-Selling Author |



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