Success Takes Flight

It’s not riches that last… but who you become along the way that lasts forever. 

When the due date for the birth of my baby girl came and went, my uncle lovingly said, “she’s just like her mama, marching to the beat of her own drum.”  It’s true, even when it comes to finances: while today, I deeply respect money for the precious tool that it is, I’m not motivated by money for the sake of cash alone. What truly energizes me is sparking positive, lasting change in the world.  At the end of the day, love not money, compels me forward into action.

But we all know the lender won’t except love notes for a car payment, no matter how sweet or sincere.  Neither will the grocery store, the dentist, the college I plan to send my daughter to, or the retirement account fund  allowing me to enjoy time with my grandchildren one day.

Despite two college degrees, and everything going for me, I struggled for years in despair,feeling stuck and doomed to painful financial hardship. There were times when those closest to me couldn’t understand my perspective or decisions. I felt alone in a crowd and experienced more than a few dark nights of self-doubt, confusion, deep frustration and fear.  By nature, I’m a very positive person with deep faith. I couldn’t understand my painful struggles around money.  I wrestled with this great divide between practical matters and following my heart to make a difference. And yet still, I managed to survive and “get by”.

Until I became a Mom.  When my daughter was born, I felt deeply committed to raising her as a “money-smart” girl. But how could I make this “fairytale” dream come true?!   I’d never been taught about money as a child, just as my parents hadn’t been taught by their family.   Whatever money habits I learned came from pure observation. Later, those habits simply became part of me without much thought – some positive, but mostly unhealthy and self-defeating.

My love for my daughter fueled the courage in me to follow my heart into entrepreneurship, dive into the waters of financial literacy and learn all I could about building wealth.

With relief, I learned personal finance is not rocket science.  The road to wealth consists of “crazily simple” actions built on making well-informed choices. Yet learning the “nuts and bolts” of finance alone  did not help me change my relationship to money as I expected it would.

It wasn’t until I realized that a healthy relationship with money starts with a healthy money-mindset, that things finally began changing for me. The practical side of finance is important, but what drives 80% of our financial choices is our attitude and beliefs about money.

My relationship to money began shifting the instant I realized my self-limiting belief that “spirituality” and “financial success” could did not mix.  Soon after, my fears around money and power melted away as I started re-imagining money being like water: ordinary, extraordinary and essential to life on earth.

Both of these experiences set me free to be true to myselfto be spiritual and reach my financial potential, not for the sake of money alone but, to positively and profoundly impact my life and the lives of those around me. The great secret is that, learning about money is never just about money.  Finance, at the core, is a spiritual matter.  Uncovering this hidden gem transformed my life.

It took me a long time to get to this point and to understand all this about myself.   Looking back, my determination to heal my relationship to money led me through a deeply meaningful, life-giving experience nothing at all like I imagined or expected!

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart.  And entrepreneurs are leaders. Servant leaders.  With the help of our local women’s business center, I completed an entrepreneurial training program that helped me start my business.

My passion for personal finance education led me into partnership with Money Smart Week ®2015  to present a free money workshop in Montclair, CA.  Using Zoom online meeting technology, I widened the opportunity and enabled a group of participants to join us from Northern California, the East coast and Paris.

During Money Smart Week® 2016, with the exciting collaboration of the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center, my one event grew into a week-long series with 3 financial workshop speakers presenting 7 free money workshops in 5 different local cities.

My mission grew into helping women re-connect with their extraordinary feminine power to prosper from the inside, out.  On October 23, 2016, I joined 8 colleagues on the beautiful island of Maui for an event at Sugar Beach to read letters we’d written to our dear amazing daughters.

On September 15, 2017, the official, full version of my letter was published as a chapter in the #1 bestseller, Bloom Where You Are Planted and Shine!  In my chapter, I share my message to believe in your brave heart and blazing imagination to thrive. I remind women that the world is in need of their exquisitely unique gifts, courage and faith that gives hope. I give 8 tips I’ve learned from striving each day to empower not only my daughter, but every woman, for her dreams to come true as she grows her own “moneywings™”.

In 2016, I also proudly became certified as a Brain Personality Specialist (the first official graduate of Julie Anderson’s Your Best Mind Certification Program), rounding out my decades of experience as a spiritual teacher blended into money-mindset coaching. I fell in love with the brain-science behind our personality, for the power it has to truly help my clients be courageous and lead a life they love.

We cannot reach our full potential alone. We need support to achieve the greatness we were born to share. Today, I equip and empower women to heal their relationship to money-one brave feather at a time — so they can unlock their financial potential and thrive confidently in the direction of their dreams. It is an honor and joy to be of service in this beautiful, tender, deeply fulfilling work! If I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

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