Money Smart Week 2017 (April 22-29): BELIEVE. GROW. PROSPER.

Happy Money Smart Week 2017!  As creator of MoneyWings™,  a  6-month private 1×1 coaching program, I teach creative, entrepreneurial women how to believe {in themselves}, grow {to reach their full potential} and prosper {one brave feather at a time}.

I’m excited to celebrate my 3rd year joining this national event where free workshops on financial literacy education are available around the United States throughout this week.

This year, however, I’m doing something different!

Instead of hosting local events available only in my corner of the world, I’m excited to share a special “un-cut” mini -interview series, where I’ve gathered  a group of gifted and talented women just like you, who each share a 20-minute conversation with me about their money story.

Each day this week, you’ll hear my guest talk about their “super-power” {the unique gift/ talent/ natural zone of genius that all of us are born with}, the fears and challenges around sharing this gift to it’s full potential, and what their money story would look like one year from today if they could overcome their limiting belief that keeps them stuck.

Stay tuned for this special interview series this week!

To your brave-heart!