If You Don’t Win, Who Will Lose?

During dinner one weekend, my ex-husband shared a Facebook photo of his nephew, wife and 5 children standing in front of a U-Haul truck. 

In the text beneath the photo, his nephew thanked the friends he was leaving for all the love and support they’d given throughout the decades. He expressed excitement for the new adventure he and his family were beginning, thanks to his new job promotion. 

Out of the blue, my heart suddenly swelled with emotion and my eyes filled with happy tears over this photo of a young man covered from head to toe with tattoos whom I’ve never met.  

But I know of his warm-heart, sense of humor and very hard life through stories I’d heard over the years.  I felt so much joy for this talented young father without a father, who’d made it out of a personal dark place in his life where he’d almost lost everything.  

In that moment, I realized how deeply I value our human potential to thrive, and how happy I feel whenever a person wins their life back.  

This is especially true when it comes to hardworking, under-earning women entrepreneurs who dream of creating impact and income doing what they love yet are struggling through overwhelm, anxiety and doubt.  

It’s my mission is to help creative, spiritual women solopreneurs move from fear to freedom through the power of a positive mindset.


Because when a woman has the courage to make her dream come true, every “impossible” becomes possible. 

I understand the frustration of spinning your wheels and feeling like you’re getting nowhere; 

I understand investing in business training after training to learn the magic key to success and nothing changes; 

I understand feeling alone and isolated working on your business and wondering if you have what it takes to be your own boss; 

I understand resisting the most important part of your business- enrolling (and re-enrolling) new clients; 

I understand feeling like you’re running an expensive hobby instead of a business and it’s negatively, impacting your personal relationships and/ or financial life. 

I understand wondering if maybe it’s just time to call it quits and reply to that “now hiring” employment opportunity that caught your eye this week.

But when I learned how to move from fear to freedom, everything changed and I promise it can change for you too when you truly understand this simply (not easy) principle: 

Success is a MINDSET. We create what we believe. And our thoughts — positive or negative – directly impact our emotions, actions, habits & results — especially if you are an emerging (or aspiring) entrepreneur.  

I can’t emphasize this important lesson enough with every struggling, under-earning woman entrepreneur I meet: success is an inside job.  Each business challenge I face improves as my mindset improves. 

Now, it’s tempting to believe that all you need to do is push negative thoughts out of your mind to increase positivity, right? 

But this is actually not the case for two reasons: one, why waste any more of your precious time and energy on negative thoughts? Two, have you ever noticed that what you resist, persists… yikes). 

So here’s a MONEYWINGS™ Tip about a wiser path to follow…

Focus on what will attract (pull) your energy upward and forward.  

Instead of exerting your energy to push negative thoughts out of your mind (which are fear-based), invest all of your precious energy and time on these love-based, super-powers instead: 






In the end, these are the only things that matter and move the needle forward.

As women entrepreneurs, our energy is pulled in many directions away from this deep inner mindset work that is the key to to shifting external results dramatically.  It’s a challenge many women entrepreneurs face as we work to make our dreams come true.

However, if you are committed to succeeding , it’s essential to practice a positive mindset daily as the CEO of your business, such as implementing the tip I gave above. 

I heard an entrepreneur share that for her it came down to this question:  

If I don’t win, who will lose?

It’s a hero’s / heroine’s journey. I’m continually reminded of the daily courage it takes to believe in your dream enough to make it happen…. courage that is fierce and beautiful in the heart and faces of those who win. 

Own your moment. ?

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