Only 20% of individuals achieve their true potential due to the destructive nature of negativity.

Join Marlene Elizabeth for her new FREE Masterclass, “Mental Fitness for Doers and Dreamers" and learn how to finally let go of negative-self talk so you can create the impact and income you dream about.

You'll learn how to finally stop self-sabotaging your success, build your positive self-command muscles and experience less stress and more confidence, joy and productivity, both professionally and personally.

"Marlene teaches us why even the most optimistic women still struggle with their negative inner voice. You'll learn the science of how negative self-talk affects our brain, along with practical steps to turn these negative thoughts into positive ones."

- Kim Evans
Masterclass participant, college
and private Spanish instructor

Discover what’s at the root of holding you back from creating the impact and income you dream about! Join me for this exciting and powerful new masterclass!

*This Masterclass is an introduction to the principles developed by Shirzad Chamine, as presented in his New York Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence®. Marlene is a Certified Positive Intelligence® Coach.

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