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This powerful and heart centered 365 daily inspiration book will encourage, uplift and empower you each and every day of the year. This inspirational and motivational book has been created by 40 authors coming together to lean into you on a daily basis…each of them encouraging you one day at a time to live on purpose and with great purpose. Learn more here

Bloom & Shine Anthology

This powerful and heart-centered 365-day inspirational book compiled by #1 international best-selling author Rebecca Hall Gruyter will encourage, uplift, and empower you to bloom and shine each and every day of the year. Whether it’s a quick moment to reflect or an inspiring reflection, Bloom & Shine is here walking beside you, uplifting and pouring into you on a daily basis. This inspirational and motivating book has been created by fourteen powerful authors coming together to lean into you on a daily basis, each of them encouraging you one day at a time to live on purpose and with great purpose. May you lean in and choose to Bloom & Shine! Learn more here

Step Forward & SHINE! Anthology

In this book, heart-centered and inspiring leaders share some of their personal story and journey with readers about powerful life lessons they have learned. They share their wisdom and what they wish someone had whispered in their ear – especially in those dark and challenging times.   I’m proud to be a contributing author in this book where I share my journey in a chapter titled “Financially Step Forward & Shine” so that readers can stop under-earning and start unfolding their beautiful moneywings! (This book includes special Revelio technology!)

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MONEYWINGS: Unfolding Your Financial Potential One Brave Feather At A Time!
by Marlene Elizabeth

What is MONEYWINGS™? It’s a new and dynamic way to look at your relationship to money. Growing money wings empowered me to break through my money challenges and unfold my entrepreneurial dream one brave feather at a time. Just as MONEYWINGS™ was life-changing for me, it can change the course of your financial future too. The insights and strategies in this guide are designed to help you figure out what is standing in your way of finding financial success.   It is filled with triumphant money stories, practical exercises and a safe, gentle, nurturing space for growing in your relationship to money. Each chapter reflects the values I hold dear — compassion, excellence, beauty, integrity and faith.  We explore money through a variety of lenses including spiritual, emotional, psychological, unique feminine power, and your brain personality. After reading this book, you will never look at money the same way.  Download your FREE CHAPTER at

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May these inspiring personal stories fuel your confidence, peace and purpose. ♥