Happy International Women’s Day 2022!

I can still remember graduating college 30 years ago with my I.R. college degree in hand, and people scratching their heads asking “International Relations? What the heck is that, Marlene? And how is it going to help you get a job?”

Today, global life is a daily reality. My weekly business mastermind alone includes members from Wales, Brazil, Canada, Austria, the U.S. and at one time Romania, not to mention other weekly meetings on my calendar with attendees from all over the world.

Sometimes, we can see something long before others can. 

In 2016, I led a money mindset workshop sponsored by our local Women’s Business Center. I used a little-known video conference technology to connect all attendees together from the West Coast, East Coast and France, simultaneously LIVE and online. At the time, this international format was inconceivable and unheard of for an average workshop presenter, like I was. Today, ZOOM is a household name.

Sometimes, we can envision something long before others are able to. 

Like when we as a parent, friend, or colleague can see the enormous potential in someone else we care about long before they do. Or when they can see our potential in us before we can see it in ourselves.

Today is a beautiful and powerful reminder to keep following your inner compass, and that still, quiet voice inside you… more than the doubting voices around you. Instead of second-guessing yourself, remember: Your heart knows the way. Trust your intuition. 

I marvel at our achievements and progress made as a nation and world in un-tapping the marvelous potential we all have inside ourselves to not only dream but to take action on our dreams. 

For those of us in the U.S., the news below is particularly exciting, especially for our daughter’s and sons growing in their own relationship with money:

Watch your pocket change, because poet Maya Angelou may be showing up there any day. The U.S. Mint has started shipping quarters featuring Angelou and will roll out four other new quarters celebrating trailblazing women in U.S. history starting later this year, the Mint said Jan. 10.

I’m grateful for the role-models who inspire and motivate us to carry the change forward (literally 😉 ) in small ways, and large, for the good of all.

May you walk with courage, self-compassion and community for your dreams-come-true in 2022 🌎


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