moneywings™ mindset minute: Bird of Humanity

You may have seen me in a room chatting up a storm with INSPIRATION sometime but typically never sitting at a table with DISCIPLINE.   

That is, until ENTREPRENEURSHIP knocked. 

When I answered the door, it was love at first sight… and right on time.

E’s vision with action reeled me in and swept me off my feet.

I had been thinking about the importance of healthy female leadership and about sustainability in our world.  I felt tired and drained being around THEORY’s theories.  

That’s when ENTREPRENEURSHIP called my name, said we were made for each other, and whispered the following story in my ear about “The Bird of Humanity”:

The bird of humanity has a male wing and a female wing. 

It has been flying for centuries with primarily only its male wing.

Meanwhile, the female wing has been un-fully extended, somewhat truncated, somewhat shy. 

So the male wing has had to keep the bird of humanity afloat. In doing so, it has become over-muscular, over- developed, and, in fact, sometimes violent. 

Thus, the bird of humanity has been flying in circles as a result. 

When the female wing fully extends and expresses itself fully in men and women, the male energy can relax and the bird of humanity will soar.

I later confessed, “ENTREPRENEURSHIP, you had me at wings” and the rest is this story.

Together, E + I are changing the world, one brave feather at a time, while making great friends and income along the way.  

Today, DISCIPLINE, COURAGE and I are becoming close friends, together with VISIBILITY, POSITIVE MINDSET & PLANNING AHEAD (who each like to use both their first and middle name) 

….all thanks to dreamy, bold, purpose-driven, trailblazing ENTREPRENEURSHIP.   

Dear reader… what’s your entrepreneurial love story?

What is your “why” that keeps you showing up rain or shine, continually stretching beyond your comfort zone? 

In what way can you “marry” your feminine energy with your masculine energy to help you reach the next level for your business dreams and goals? 

Because, the truth is that it takes the unique gifts and strengths of both feminine and masculine energies to meaningfully and financially reach your desired destination. 

In the words of Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money: you are the key to the bird of humanity soaring. Express yourself. Fulfill your destiny. Allow that wing to fully extend in your life and in the lives of men and women everywhere. That’s what’s missing and when that is fulfilled violence will relax. We all play a role… we all have a chance to blossom.

If unfolding your potential and pursuing your purpose as an entrepreneur is something you’re struggling with despite all your hard work and training, I’d love to help! Consider booking a 30 minute From Fear to Freedom strategy call with me and learn how to start illuminating the brilliance of what you do best into the world.

Own your moment. ?