Join Me At THE WOMEN’S SUCCESS COLLECTIVE: April 30-May 8, 2019!


Are you a woman who dreams about owning her own business in the wellness, beauty, coaching or creative industry and you’re not sure where to start? 

Or… do you already own a business, but, you are struggling to make ends meet?

Are you feeling exhausted and disappointed at how hard it is to be financially sound?

The truth is, your feminine energy is a very influential force with a natural ability to create, nourish & make most things grow, but, not if you have constant negative inner dialogue that makes you feel there is never enough – or worse – that you’re not enough.  

You’re not alone! In fact, the most accomplished women I know have come up against severe self-doubt, anxiety & struggle in business. Smart and gifted women just like you!

Money, time, health, love and a sense of peace and belonging should never have to elude you. I want to support you on how to thrive in both your life and in business. 

That’s why I was so delighted when Tina Dowdy, a Transformational Business & Mindset Coach in New York, asked me to join forces as a speaker in this free online series

The Women’s Success Collective

How to Gain Confidence, Clarity and the Mindset to Grow a Business You Love.

I am very honored to be featured in a lineup that includes internationally acclaimed author Tumi Frazier (and co-author to Deepak Chopra & Jack Canfield) among a very strong and inspiring panel of successful women that include: coaches, doctors, media, lawyers, authors & holistic health & beauty industry practitioners.  

You’ll walk away from this free training summit ready to connect to your zone of self-worth and make the inner and outer changes to be more successful every day.

In this content-rich collective you’ll:

  • Feel compelled to step out of hiding and feel more confident to be fully seen, supported and valued in all of your brilliance as a woman & as a professional;
  • Discover steps to build a legally legit & authentic business that attracts your ideal clients;
  • Learn to avoid burnout so you can make meaningful progress by developing strong mindset muscles of resilience and self care & positive community support;
  • Find out how to convert the top fears that silently sabotage your growth into a focused and clear vision of a life and business that thrives!

I highly encourage you to register for this free online event right here at:

Enjoy the wisdom and please share this with the women in your life so that they can thrive with you!