Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I became a Mom late in life, it was love at first sight… and two more dreams were also born! 

#1 to be a stay-at-home Mom because I didn’t want to miss a thing.

#2 to raise a money-smart daughter so she could live in freedom and peace without the financial anxiety, stress and shame I had experienced in my own relationship to money.

I didn’t know how I would make these dreams come true at the time, but it became my mission to learn how to grow moneywings and unfold my financial potential one brave feather at a time.

Because I deeply believe that when we have a treasured dream in our heart, LOVE finds a way to unfold it.

I’m very grateful for the support I received along the way to help me wrap my brain around success.

If you are curious how to grow your moneywings, please enjoy one of the following Valentine’s day gifts available for you to choose from {depending on whether you prefer a private or group experience}: 

Book a complimentary Private One-On-One MONEYWINGS Breakthrough Coaching Session with me ($150 value) at www.MeetWithMarlene.com


Attend our 1-Day Retreat for Women in Riverside, CA THIS SATURDAY and enjoy a very special Valentine’s Day scholarship savings on the investment. 

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Wishing you a magical Valentine’s Day full of love, laughter and beautiful memories! 


“Wrap Your Brain Around Success” in 2019 1-Day Retreat

Join me LIVE Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019

I hope you’re feeling excited, engaged, and energized achieving your goals during this first quarter of 2019.

If so, congratulations on your focus, consistency and progress! As a Certified Money Coach®, I’m always happy to hear positive stories about New Year resolutions going well, especially when it comes to financial self-care.

Many people make resolutions, but only 8% actually accomplish them. So know that I’m celebrating with you in spirit!:)

If you’re not feeling so thrilled about how things are going with your financial self-care goals, take heart and know you are not alone!

According to studies, 92% of the big “this is the year” promises we make in January are forgotten or ignored by February.

Don’t let this happen to you… join us THIS SATURDAY, FEB. 16, 2019 in Riverside, CA! }

There are several reasons why this happens, but here are four big ones: 

#1 You know what you want but you don’t know WHY you want it. 
Yes, you want to have a better relationship to money, but why is your goal important to you? As viewers often hear me say on my podcast, money is about so much more than just money. Knowing the “why” behind your 2019 money goal(s) is key for being one of the 8% who do know.

#2. You’re trying too hard. 

If you’re depriving yourself of pleasure and fun, chances are slim you’ll succeed in keeping your goals top priority for the long haul. One of the simplest ways to stay on track is to make the journey enjoyable, and one the best ways to do that is to act from your naturally-wired gifts and strengths – instead of apart from them – when it comes to finances.

#3 You don’t believe in yourself. 
If you’ve tried (and failed) to achieve your goals in the past, I know it can be hard to believe you can do it. Growing beyond your comfort zone takes courage, but it’s so much easier when you discover without a doubt that “you are fearfully and wonderfully made” for success!Understanding your unique brain personality and the psychology behind the science of how your brain is naturally wired is essential for you to become one of the 8% who do achieve their financial dreams and goals. 

#4 You don’t have a support system. 

It’s challenging to stay motivated when you feel alone. The good news is that you are not alone! There are multiple channels of support available to you when you are truly ready to receive it including private coaching, online programs, free social media groups of like-minded women, workshops, retreats, accountability buddies and more. 

If any of the above reasons are standing in the way of you being one of the 8% who succeed this year, then you’ll LOVE Wrap Your Brain Around Success 1-Day Retreat for Women THIS SATURDAY in Riverside, CA. Join me LIVE along with beautifully talented artist Shellise Berry (www.BerrysDivineDesigns.com) who will lead a powerful mind-map and vision-board experience throughout the event. You’ll walk away knowing your WHY; learn how to make your valuable goals so much easier to achieve; understand at a deep, cellular level that you already have everything you need to thrive, and be surrounded with the love and support you need to truly thrive in 2019. 

You can find all the details and registration page for this exciting day right here. I’d absolutely love to support you in being one of the 8% who have learned how to wrap their brain around success! 

Don’t miss this special retreat experience where you’ll learn all about your unique brain personality and leave FOREVER changed and beautifully equipped to transform your challenges into opportunities.

Join like-minded women all focused on achieving their goals for creating more income while sharing their beautiful gifts and strengths doing what they love.

Register today at www.WrapYourBrain.com!

Not sure or have questions? Just hit reply and I’ll be happy to help! Or call me at (909) 562-2159.

We hope to see you there!!!