Happy International Women’s Day, With Love

What better way to celebrate, than pausing to simply appreciate the love women contribute to the world, despite great obstacles in their way.

As Maya Angelou once poetically said:

In the flush of love’s light, we dare be brave. And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.

ALL-YES to Maya’s heart-felt words!

Each of us has a dream meant to come true, for a purpose.

And yet, many dreams never see the light of day.

Fear comes knocking, but many don’t say, “Fear, I’ve got this, go away!”

So fear takes its course — in many ugly forms

Until love steps in, and keeps fear at bay.

That’s why so many women pray,

for courage to lead the way — no matter what critics say —

and transform fear into freedom, day, by day, by day.

(Maya’s lovely poetry always gets me going this way 😉 )


What I’m really trying to say is, I appreciate and celebrate your love that makes a difference!

It takes big love to break through big fears that threaten our pursuit of happy-ever-after.

But women show up with that big love, again and again.

And miracles happen.

My financial happy-ever-dream is to raise a money-smart girl and positively influence future generations of our family tree.

My love for my daughter gives me strength and courage to unfold my financial potential beyond my comfort zone, one brave feather at a time.

I persist through the many challenges of mama-preneurship, in my devotion to empower her to live her financial happy-ever-after, whatever she decides for it to be.

As it turns out, my success is not about me at all. It’s about my daughter’s well-being. This is so often the case for women, that their dreams arise to serve a greater purpose, than for personal gain alone.

Ironically, when it’s no longer just about us, it becomes all about us.

The universe begins to support our dream, in more ways than we imagined possible, helping us to make our vision, a reality.

Doors that were once firmly closed, start to open. The right people begin to arrive. We discover a check in the mail that we never expected. A positive opportunity arrives out of the blue and changes our lives forever. The rest is herstory.

What fuels your strength and courage to keep on loving and growing?

What keeps you from giving up, throwing in the towel, walking away from your dream that’s meant to come true, for a purpose?

Whatever it is, I encourage you to share it with another woman who might be struggling to follow her dream.

And if you are that person struggling, remember…

“Ring the bells, that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
– Leonard Cohen

Experiencing freedom from fear, takes time. And new fears surface, just as soon as old ones fade away.

So be very gentle and kind with yourself.

Love has a way of persistently showing up, tugging at you, like a child, encouraging you to choose life beyond your fears, again and again and again.

Let love ease the sorrow, anxiety and suffering that fear brings.

Because the world needs your dream to come true, with its purpose.

Where is love tugging you to grow beyond your comfort zone today?

What support do you need to start unfolding your dream?

As a strong, sometimes stubborn, independent woman, I was never comfortable reaching out for help. It always seemed easier to grind my way through challenges. I didn’t realize that this mindset actually made life much harder, not easier at all.

Starting my own business, required me to shift into a new mindset that was unfamiliar, but golden for success, which is this:

It’s not only okay to reach out for support, it’s essential for the big dreams, the big results, the big love you wish to pour into the world whether you own a business, or not.

Plus it’s way more fun! And fun is allowed 😉

As with any fear, the key to stepping beyond our comfort zone is, tiny, baby steps. (And we’re all in “baby phase” anytime we begin something new).

In addition to empowering my daughter, my dream is to help women share their love, gifts and talents in the world now, more than ever, in their own unique way.

The world needs the dream in your heart, to come true.

So… next time, fear holds you back from doing something your heart is calling you to do, I invite you to try these 4 tips instead:

# 1. Trust your heart. Science proves that women are designed with incredible intuition powers! There’s wisdom dropped into us long before we understand it, but others can sometimes cause us to doubt it. When we follow our heart, “the how” will present itself along the way. This is what it means if you’ve ever heard the phrase, “we walk by faith, and not by sight”.

# 2. Tend to your emotions with deep breaths and self-care (try lighting a candle, reading an inspiring quote, or passage in a book, enjoying a warm shower or bath, nibbles of dark-chocolate, taking a brief stroll, calling a supportive friend, writing, doodling, mind-mapping, watching an inspiring film, positive, positive, positive self-talk… you get the idea. Be good to yourself.

# 3. Take tiny, baby steps in the direction of your dreams. This is very important! Your “critter brain” needs proof all along the way that you will be A-OK as you shift into a new place in your life. So, always take small steps to experience small results, first, as you work your way steadily forward. If you jump in too far, too fast, you’re mind will kick into over-drive with all its fears, and doubts that are usually not even true, but will nevertheless work to keep you “safe” in what’s familiar. Safe, but unfortunately, limited from enjoying your full potential.

#4 Try finding the support of a person or group for accountability, positivity, valuable resources, strategies and/ or professional connections that can help you reach your goals.

To your beautiful dreams and happy-ever-after.

With love,
Marlene 🙂

About Marlene Elizabeth

I’m a Financial Self-Care coach, Mama-preneur, Founder of MONEYWINGS™ and #1 bestselling co-author.  I believe every woman needs a safe harbor for her journey into financial freedom.  I lead conversation, education and transformation for women and their relationship to money on my podcast, Let’s Get Tender: Money Conversations that Matter (Coming Soon!}


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