8 MUST-READ BOOKS” in 2018 and Beyond!

If you’re looking for a great book to gift someone this holiday season, enjoy this mini-holiday countdown of my personal favorite eight “must-read” released this year!  Most of them are #1 International Bestsellers in multiple countries!

These inspiring authors share powerful stories, tips and strategies around transformation, healing and hope from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives for 2019 and beyond!

I guarantee their words will shine light in your heart and fuel your spirit to soar in the New Year… one brave feather at a time! ♥

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#1 AWAKEN & GROW by Christine Agro

Inspiring, insightful, invaluable! Awaken and Grow is a deeply meaningful, step-by-step practical spiritual guide that teaches readers how to “merge the doing of our bodies with the being of our Spirit”.   Christine Agro’s extensive experience, powerful insights, tools, exercises, case studies and personal stories empower the reader to grow, learn and heal victoriously and gloriously in alignment with our truth, power and internal support system.  Christine further supports our spiritual transformation powerfully with an amazing “Awaken & Grow” Resource Bundle of “doing” as an added bonus, making it easier than ever to integrate and activate positive shifts in our life from chaos and indecision to simplicity and flow.   If you’re ready to be the captain of your own ship and create real change, this book is for you!

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by Olivia Parr-Rud

Olivia’s exciting book provides inspiring answers and intriguing data which powerfully supports her message that “love is the greatest driver of success in business today. Olivia brilliantly leads readers on a captivating journey inside “companies rooted in trust, caring and authenticity”. You’ll also learn how to uncover your inspired purpose, powerful secrets to success, excellent tips for creating an inspired life plan, plus strategies for healing trauma and negative patterns. Love this book!!

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#3 ASPIRE TO YOUR GREATNESS  by Dr. Adrian Jefferson Chofor

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “do something today that your future self will thank you for” reading Dr. Adrian Jefferson Chofor’s book IS that something! A beautifully written, deeply tender, inspiring story of healing and transformation of a native New Yorker. From a harsh childhood that leads to homelessness, to 9/11 and rich European travels, this book is filled with powerful stories, miracles, answered prayers, forgiveness, courage and valuable life lessons. You’ll laugh, cry and cheer but most of all, you’ll see you already have everything you need to aspire to your greatness!”

#4 LONG WALK ON A DRY ROAD by Jon Kaufman

This #1 International Bestseller is an experience of love at first sight and one of the most important books to read from 2018. Woven with rich storytelling, you’ll travel to the poorest areas of the world with Jon Kaufman’s H20penDoors on a journey to bring self-reliance and dignity as much as access to safe-drinking water for every human on the planet. I found myself both laughing aloud, and teary-eyed… and had only reached page 13. As Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity Takes Courage.” Long Walk On A Dry road is both creative and courageous! 100% of proceeds go to H2OpenDoors!


Dr. Vernita Black is a veteran who retired after serving 21 years in the United States Navy. During her time in the military, Dr. Black earned a Doctorate in Education Counseling Psychology. Her work in educational training, stress management, and drug and alcohol education led her to research alcohol and substance use among adolescents. Dr. Black is also author THE INVISIBLE WOUNDS OF STRESS INSIDE & OUT.

#6 Empowering YOU, Transforming Lives Daily Inspirational Anthology
compiled by Rebecca Hall-Gruyter

This powerful and heart centered 365 daily inspiration book will encourage, uplift and empower you each and every day of the year.  This inspirational and motivational book has been created by 40 authors coming together to lean into you on a daily basis…each of them encouraging you one day at a time to live on purpose and with great purpose.  I’m so proud to be a contributing author in this book where I share 8 money-theme reflections for readers to unfold their financial potential beautifully year after year!  Learn more at:

#7 Step Forward & SHINE! Anthology
compiled by Rebecca Hall-Gruyter

In creating this book, Rebecca Hall-Gruyter asked each heart-centered and powerful co-author to share some of their personal story and journey with readers. As they share from their respective journeys, each co-author shares what they have learned. They share their wisdom and what they wish someone had encouraged them with or whispered in their ear – especially in those dark and challenging times.   I’m proud to be a contributing author in this book where I share my journey in a chapter titled “Financially Step Forward & Shine” so that readers can stop under-earning and start unfolding their beautiful moneywings! (This book includes special Revelio technology!)

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#8 MONEYWINGS: Unfolding Your Financial Potential One Brave Feather At A Time!
by Marlene Elizabeth

What is MONEYWINGS™? It’s a new and dynamic way to look at your relationship to money. Growing money wings empowered me to break through my money challenges and unfold my entrepreneurial dream one brave feather at a time. Just as MONEYWINGS™ was life-changing for me, it can change the course of your financial future too. The insights and strategies in this guide are designed to help you figure out what is standing in your way of finding financial success.   It is filled with triumphant money stories, practical exercises and a safe, gentle, nurturing space for growing in your relationship to money. Each chapter reflects the values I hold dear — compassion, excellence, beauty, integrity and faith.  We explore money through a variety of lenses including spiritual, emotional, psychological, unique feminine power, and your brain personality. After reading this book, you will never look at money the same way.  Download your FREE CHAPTER at

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Everyone deserves to unfold their financial happy ever after!  May these inspiring resources fuel your best life in the year ahead! ♥